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DEATHBLOW - is a political thriller about the collapse of the Russian Empire beginning on the brink of WWI and taking place in present times. It's about about the biggest mystery of 20th Century - the disappearance of the Romanoff dynasty and the spy wars that followed it until now.

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When the Script was originally written (c. 1984) the technology to produce massive amount of special effects involving air fights, air-to-ground combats, and fierce war between CIA, KGB and British Secret Service over access to the secret Romanoff  files (and fortune) was not available.

The fierce war between CIA, KGB and British Secret Service over Romanoff files and fortune is now portrayed in this high-end, theatrical drama considered to be the biggest mystery of XX Century.

It is one of the most amazing stories ever written and developed for cinema on this subject. A cross between "Doctor Zhivago", "Patriot Games" and James Bond this spellbinding mystery action-adventure is entertainment on highest level.

The Romanoffs were brutally murdered in 1917 at Ipatiev House in Ekaterinburg on the order of revolutionaries who were nothing but propagandist and reactionaries. What happened after that was the end of Romanoff Empire, and subsequent destruction of Russia, its soul, culture and enormous wealth resulting in 70-years of communism until now.

DEATHBLOW takes place in the present time as the heirs to Romanoff throne and government attempt to solve the mystery what de facto has happened there and who was responsible for the murder of the royal family.

The criminals who murdered them were never brought to justice. Instead, the propaganda machine in Russia made the public believe they were doing this for the cause of communist regime because the Tzar was not a good ruler and that Russians needed "bread, not royalty". As a result of those lies Russia has lost its soul and has ceased to be a monarchy. Culturally and politically Russia has dominated Eastern Europe for 700 years.  Many believed that after the murder of the Romanoffs Russia had become a "stolen Empire" and the CIA-KGB-MI6 war that has ensued carried the mystery beyond WWII to Cold War and present times.

                                          The Royal Romanoff Family

Heirs to royal Romanoff family claim that the murder was a hoax because the communists who were peasants and savages did not have the intent to murder them and have staged a hoax under the direction of Lenin and Trotsky to secretly smuggle the family out of Russia. No one really knows what happened, but that's what this movie is about when one of the heirs, a genuine Romanoff returns to claim his place in society and forces the West to cater to his wishes.

The resulting CIA-KGB-MI6 spy war is a historic epic and action thriller you will never forget!

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