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LISZT & CHOPIN IN PARIS - is a story about friendship and rivalry between two most celebrated musicians of all time taking place in the golden age of piano in 19th Century Paris.

This story is about two greatest superstars of classical music Franz Liszt and Frédéric Chopin taking place in nineteenth-century Paris just before the Industrial Revolution in a brief, magical period of time that gave birth to many ideologies everyone cherishes today - The Romantic Age. 

It is 1831 and young Chopin arrives in Paris, the capital of music sizzling with music personalities and amazing performers after saying goodbye to his homeland. 

Not certain whether he could make his career there as concert virtuoso he meets Franz Liszt, the greatest concert pianist who ever lived and who’s already a legend in Paris. Franz Liszt, who is also an émigré does not expect to encounter Chopin’s genius on his level and asks him to play at a rehearsal at Paris Conservatory where he’s preparing for a concert.

When Chopin plays, Liszt suddenly realizes that his career as all-time virtuoso has been threatened and challenged by Chopin’s genius. They become fierce rivals and along with immortal characters such as Nicolo Paganini, Felix Mendelssohn, Robert Schumann, Richard Wagner, Giacomo Rossini, Eugene Delacroix they conquer Paris completely with their music and with it the entire world.

Driven by obsession for excellence and never ending quest for immortality Liszt undertakes affairs with some of the most fascinating females of the day, royals so rich they own half of countries, opera singers so stunning they sell out theaters in countries whose languages they could not speak, and when Chopin has an affair with one of his famous muses who writes under the pen name of George Sand their affair becomes one of the most celebrated love stories in Paris and of all time next to Romeo and Juliet.

Chopin’s and Sand’s great love story takes us into the world full of intrigue and adventure and the quest for greatness in which everyone from kings and queens to ordinary people has a personal stake in it as we come closer to our understanding of creativity and the incredible art of classical piano.

When Chopin dies at the age of 39 on Place Vendôme in Paris and Liszt accepts his Court appointment in Weimar we come full circle in appreciating the art and lives of those two great men and cultural icons who conquer the world with their talent.

John Mark performing Chopin’s Ballade No. 4 in F-minor.wmv on Grotrian-Steinweg:

Preliminary SOUNDTRACK for LISZT & CHOPIN IN PARIS  recorded by John Mark - a preamble soundtrack featuring music scenes from the Script.


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Story & Screenplay by John Mark. Copyright © 2014  All Rights Reserved.

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